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Are you a woman who

doesn’t want to

succumb to aging?

Defy Aging with Christi

Wouldn’t you like to keep a healthy body, a sharp mind, vibrant energy and great moods?

If yes… you can start your anti-aging journey right now with “The Anti-Aging Super Smoothie”. Quick and easy to prepare, with delicious ingredients that help prevent the signs of aging.

Welcome to my website, I’m Christi and I help women like you to defy aging through simple lifestyle changes so you can live a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

What does it mean to defy aging?

Defying aging means to surpass what is expected of you when you arrive at a certain age. It means doing what YOU desire and ignoring everyone who says you can't. (Including the voices in your own head).

Discover effective and nontoxic anti-aging strategies for mind and body, so you can exude vitality, health and beauty regardless of your age. Want to find out more about my approach to Anti-Aging? Read the About page.

Raving Fans

What I like most about working with you is your commitment and understanding of your clients. The material is clear, concise and brilliantly put together. Your program has tremendous life applications and you have contributed greatly to me and my life. I would without hesitation recommend your service to my friends and family.
— Nadine
I am so in love with what you are teaching me and how empowered I feel. I am excited to progress through your program and share my enthusiasm for you as people start to ask in two or three weeks what I’ve been doing as I will be looking and feeling even more fabulous...
— Jane
Online Weight Loss Coaching with Christi Christiaens

Weight Loss PROGRAM

Find out more about my online private weight loss program that’ll help you lose weight without deprivation, suspicious pills, or willpower. You’ll just eat real, delicious food and take charge of your new healthy body.

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Anti-Aging Programs

Aging is a challenge that we face sooner or later. Fortunately there is a paradigm shift happening when it comes to aging. Learn how to feel and look your best regardless of the numbers of years you've been here.

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in-Home Personal Training

When you live in the Scottsdale /Phoenix area of Arizona, I offer customized personal training sessions in the comfort of your own home. I specialize in women’s fitness needs. I’ve been training women in their homes for 35 years.

If you’re ready to take small but steady steps towards vibrant health and a more youthful appearance, then book a free discovery call with me here.

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