Jumpstart your Weight Loss in January 2019

Get the right start to your weight loss in 2019 - and feel great in the process

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Weight Loss Jumpstart combines personalized 1:1 coaching with scientifically-backed information in video lessons.

Coach with Christi

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I’m Christi and I help professional women like you to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

And while I’m sure you can’t wait to lose those excess pounds, I’m even more excited to see what you gain. I’m talking about more energy, a healthy body, more confidence, and feeling completely unstoppable.

If you’re ready to lose weight, but ditch diets, deprivation and any suspicious pills or powders - and without the need for willpower - then book a free discovery call with me and I’ll give you the first step you can take to start losing weight for good.

You’ll discover that my approach is completely non-judgemental, but instead empowering.

Want to find out more about my approach to weight loss and anti-aging? Read the About page, and sign up to receive my Coach with Christi Newsletter, where I share tips and strategies to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

Weight Loss Mindset Quiz by Christi Christiaens

Change your body - starting with your mind

Could your mindset be blocking your weight loss efforts? Take the Weight Loss Mindset Quiz to find out. And turn your mind into your best ally on your weight loss journey.

Online Weight Loss Coaching with Christi Christiaens

Weight Loss Coaching

Find out more about my online coaching program that’ll help you lose weight without deprivation, suspicious pills, or willpower.

You’ll just eat real, delicious food and take charge of your new healthy body.

Christi Christiaens - Motivational Speaker

Guest Speaking

Sometimes nothing beats face-to-face connection, right?

Visit my Speaking page to learn more about how I give my audiences practical guidance to stay healthy and fabulous after 50.

In-Home Personal Training in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona

in-Home Personal Training

For those of you in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area of Arizona, I offer customized personal training sessions in the comfort of your own home.

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