Holiday Survival Challenge by Coach with Christi

Survive the holidays without gaining weight, feeling exhausted or totally stressing out

Join The Holiday Survival Challenge
and Get a no-worrying, no-wondering plan for navigating the holidays without deprivation or over-indulgence

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The Challenge starts on December 3, and will run until December 7.

Each day, you’ll get an email with a new strategy that you can apply to have your best holidays ever. You’ll also be invited to share your progress and be inspired by the other challengers over on the Coach with Christi Private Facebook Group.


In the challenge, you’ll equip yourself with the strategies you’ll need to:

  • Stop cravings in their tracks.

  • Silence the Saboteur, who seeks to undermine your health and happiness.

  • Say no thanks to holiday food.

  • Say yes please to holiday food – and enjoy your indulgence, guilt-free.

  • Prepare for holiday parties – so you can have great fun, without overeating.

  • Ditch willpower – once and for all (and learn why willpower’s not all it’s cracked up to be…)

  • Take back control and have the best holiday season EVER! 


Accept the Challenge and take back control of this holiday season!


You can have a healthy, happy and energetic holiday season, even if you:

  • Are working crazy hours – or if you’ll have time off work.

  • Are in charge of cooking a family dinner for 30.

  • Are travelling or are otherwise out of your usual routine.

  • Feel like you can never say NO to holiday treats.

  • Are currently feeling stressed out just thinking about the holidays.

The FREE Holiday Survival Challenge will show you how.

Join a small group of women who are ready for a happy, healthy holiday season.

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