Do you want to lose weight and feel energized?

(without willpower, deprivation or any suspicious pills or powders)


That’s exactly what Diane wanted when she started working with me.

She wanted to lose her excess weight so that she could feel confident and energetic.

But she was reluctant about starting a new diet, because she was afraid that there’d be nothing nice left to eat, that she’d feel deprived, and that ultimately, she’d be miserable – just like everyone else who is “on diet”.

She had just about resigned herself to the fact that women just put on weight as they get older, and that it was too late for her to change. Besides, she had a successful business and a very busy life, so she just didn’t have time to learn the so-called rules of a new diet.

Just like most of us, she feared failing at weight loss - yet again - after many years of yoyo dieting.

But what Diane knows now is that this failure was NOT HER FAULT – and your past unsuccessful attempts at losing weight are not your fault either.


In my program, Weight Loss Excellence, I’ll go into the neurological reasons why traditional “dieting” doesn’t work, and I’ll show you an alternative strategy to losing weight that involves no deprivation, no pills, powders or bars (just real, delicious food) – and there’s no willpower required.

Weight loss with no deprivation
Weight loss with no willpower
Weight loss with no pills, bars or supplements

If you don’t believe that this is possible, then you just need to look at Diane. Before she was even half way through the program, she had lost 16 lbs, and she was feeling more energetic than she had ever felt before. She felt more confident, and finally ready to wear those beautiful clothes she had been keeping in the back of her closet.

By the end of the program, she had lost 25 lbs. And, as Diane puts it: 

Amber lost 25lbs with the Weight Loss Excellence Program
Best of all, everything I am learning and the changes I am incorporating are 110% sustainable. It’s not like things might go back to the (unhealthy) way they were once my coaching with Christi ends. The changes I am making are simply part of my life now and will continue.
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You too can start your journey to successful and permanent weight loss – right now.

You won’t need to rely on willpower, and you’ll only be eating delicious, real food – not shakes or pills.

Test out my approach to weight-loss
in a free 30-minute discovery session.

We’ll chat about your specific situation and I’ll give you one powerful change that you can make to start losing weight immediately. 

If you decide that you’d like more of my help and guidance on your weight loss journey, then I believe that my signature 1:1 coaching program, Weight Loss Excellence would be perfect for you.

The program consists of ten 45-minute coaching and teaching sessions, over three months. At the end of each session, you’ll get specific action steps for the week ahead. You’ll also get a slide show of each session, an action plan, a checklist, and a handout with practical tips.

This is what Weight Loss Excellence covers:

  • In the first month, we’ll focus on laying strong weight-loss foundations. You’ll learn how to retrain your brain so that it becomes your ally in your weight-loss journey, rather than your enemy. You will also learn how to stop sabotaging yourself and end the weight loss struggle for good.

  • In the second month, you will learn how to eat to burn fat and how to cycle your meal plans. We’ll look at the practical strategies you can use to lose weight and feel great, also you’ll learn what to do when your emotions start influencing your decisions.

  • In the third month, we dig deeper into hormones for weight loss and gut health. At the end of the program, you’ll have a plan to track your ongoing results. 

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Is this program for me?

Well, let’s start with who it’s NOT for.

This program is not for you if you’re looking for a quick-fix to lose weight.

And it’s not for you if you’re reluctant to learn new things or apply what I teach you to your daily life.

But if losing weight and feeling healthy and energized is something that you desperately want, then this program is for you.

If you are ready to learn about the latest findings from top nutritional and neurological research – and apply what you’ve learnt in your daily life, then you’ll love the program.

If you’re ready to develop a new mindset around nutrition and health but could just do with the help of a supportive guide and mentor, then Weight Loss Excellence is perfect for you.

And talking of perfection, this program is perfect for you if you’re imperfect – you’ll be in good company with me and the rest of my clients! I am completely non-judgemental. Setbacks can be a part of the journey – I’ll teach you how to learn from them and move forward with even more determination than before.

Ready for Weight Loss Excellence?

Let’s chat in a free 30-minute discovery call.

It’s my aim to help you with a particular struggle you’re having with weight loss, during the call. So even if you don’t decide to sign up for the program, you’ll walk away with your first step on your weight-loss journey.

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